E-Stim Systems 2B E-Stim Connect Pack

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E-Stim Systems 2B E-Stim Connect Pack is available for purchase in increments of 1

E-Stim Systems 2B E-Stim Connect Pack


The E-Stim Systems 2B is one of the world's most powerful and versatile digital electroplay controllers available, and has now been released with E-Stim Connect, giving you secure, simple E-Stim control over the internet via any modern browser. Play via a PC, Mac, Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet device. (PC or Mac with spare USB port is required to connect to the 2B).

In this amazing pack is 1 E-Stim 2B Power Box, 1 Digital Link Interface, 4 Self-Adhesive Pads, 2 2mm/TENS cables, 1 Stereo Audio Cable, 1 Audio CD, 1 PP3 Battery, and 1 User Manual.

Connect to anyone, anytime! The new E-Stim Connect software is simple to use and allows one person to connect to a 2B power box over the internet using the software and the website. Simply connect your 2B to your PC, download the software and generate your unique code. Then simply copy and paste to your long-distance partner in an email, a message or more. Your partner can then click the link to take them to the E-Stim connect website where your unique code will transform their web-page into a virtual hub where they can control everything about your box. Your pleasure is in their hands.

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Quick Overview

Brand: E-Stim Systems

Colour: Black

Battery Type: PP3 (9v - Included)

Remote Control?: WiFi


1 x E-Stim Systems 2B

1x Digital Link Interface

4 x Self-Adhesive Pads

2 x 2mm/TENS Cables

1 x Stereo Audio Cable

1 x Audio CD

1 x PP3 Battery

1 x User Manual

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