An Introduction to Butt Plugs

For some people, butt plugs are taboo but their use is quite widespread because, when used correctly, they are a source of great sexual pleasure. Butt plugs are an anally inserted, sex toy that stimulates the nerve endings in the rectum. They're usually short toys that bulge in the middle and then taper down to a narrow neck with a wide base to stop it from going all the way inside the anus. They are available in a wide choice of materials but the most popular are jelly rubber, latex and silicone. They come in many different sizes and shapes. They are generally smaller than dildos (between 3 and 5 inches long and 1 to 2 inches wide) and so can be left inserted for prolonged periods. Most users are female but usage amongst men, both gay and straight, is increasing the most.

Choosing a Butt Plug
The most important considerations are size, shape and material. Beginners should start out with a shorter, slender plug made of one of the more flexible materials. Once practiced in using a plug, you can then experiment with larger sizes, plugs that have bumps and ridges for extra stimulation and different, harder materials. There are many materials to choose from and each has its advantages although you can break them down into two broad categories. The softer, more flexible materials are jelly rubber, silicone and latex; of these, silicone is the most sensuous but also the most expensive. These materials also require more care and attention when it comes to keeping them clean. The more solid and rigid materials are glass, wood, urethane and stainless steel. They are more expensive but, being non-porous, they are easy to clean, waterproof, very hard wearing and will last a lifetime. They are also available in many striking designs and colours that make them very attractive items. There are also more sophisticated plugs available that vibrate or that can be inflated once inserted. It comes down to a matter of personal preference.

Using a Butt Plug
For those not used to any form of anal penetration, it’s important to prepare before inserting the plug. Firstly, make sure you have plenty of lubricant available to facilitate insertion. Water or silicone based lubes are good choices. The one proviso is not to use silicone lubricant with a silicone plug as it will damage the toy. It’s best to avoid oil based lubricants with plugs as they can damage rubber. Secondly, check your finger nails are well groomed as your fingers may well come into play.
Once you’re ready, there are some guidelines to ensuring a pleasurable experience.
• Get yourself in the mood. Use any masturbation method which provides access to the anus. Also, you can, of course, invite your partner to help you if you prefer. If you’re a beginner though, it may be best to experiment on yourself first in order to get used to the sensations of having something inserted in your anus.
• Lubricate your finger and gently touch and tap your rectum. Observe how it feels and attempt to relax your muscles so that penetration will not be painful. A good way of doing so is by "pushing", like when you defecate; it loosens the sphincter quite effectively.
• Slowly insert your finger past the anal sphincter. It will meet resistance so be sure to do it slowly with lots of lubrication. Once inside, do whatever feels good - thrusting, circular motions, anything that’s enjoyable.
• Now that you're loosened up, lubricate the butt plug and slowly attempt to insert it. Only go partway inside. Your sphincter must get used to the size and the fact that something is going in instead of out. If this hurts or is difficult, continue to relax the anal ring via massage. If you still can't get it in you may need to consider buying a smaller plug.
• Proceed to lodge the butt plug in place. At the hilt there is a flange that will prevent it from penetrating the anus and lodging inside you. Your sphincter will hold it in place so don’t worry about it falling out.
• Once securely inside, try twisting it, pumping it, or anything else that feels pleasing.
• Because the butt plug holds itself in place you can do other activities while 'wearing' one. Most people enjoy having their anus full, so try walking around or riding a bike. Because of their smaller size, butt plugs can even be worn during everyday routines such as cleaning, shopping, work, wherever.
• For added pleasure, you can masturbate or even have sex while wearing the butt plug. Whatever you do, just be sure it feels good and that you use plenty of lube! You may need to take it out and add more lube every hour or so. In this respect, silicone based lubricants are longer lasting than the water based alternatives.

To ensure the rectum is clean and fresh, it’s advisable to use an anal douche before inserting a sex toy such as a butt plug. If possible, try and have a bowel movement an hour or so before play. Always clean the plug after use. This can be done with warm water and mild soap or, ideally, with an anti-bacterial toy cleaner. Porous materials such as jelly rubber, silicone and latex require extra attention to cleaning as they can harbour more bacteria. Never switch the plug from the anus to another orifice without cleaning it first. Do not transfer the plug to a partner without cleaning it beforehand.

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