Acts of Insanity Adult Party Game

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Acts of Insanity Adult Party Game


The crazy party game for crazy people!
The raunchy party game where you act out adult scenarios for your team to guess.

Players divide into teams of two and take turns selecting adult scenarios for the other team to act out. The player who receives the scenario, has two minutes to get their team to guess the scenario.
If the team guesses the scenario correctly, they win a point and 10 points wins the game.

The fun and humor come from the content of the cards for the adult scenarios. Each team takes five of each type of card to review: Character Cards, Action Cards, and Location or Object Cards. The team selects an entertaining scenario using one card of each type, such as “A Horror Film Killer” “Breast Feeding” “A Fresh Unwiped Ass” and gives it to the opposing team’s player who is taking the turn. That player can then act and speak anything he or she wishes, except the words on the card, their team must first guess the character, then the action, and finally the location or object.

Includes: 108 Character Cards, 108 Action Cards, 108 Location or Object Cards, a 2-Minute Timer, and Game Instructions.

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Brand: Kheper Games
Players: 4-12 people

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By: Mrs Robinson

On: 10 April 2017

I love this game. Its fun as it should be and you don't have to worry about any batteries running out ;)
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